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Safeguarding Products for Cutting & Turning Machines

Safety Shields

Lathe Shields

Universal Chip Shields

Electrically Interlocked Heavy-Duty Shields
Heavy-Duty Interlocked Shields

Heavy-Duty Interlocked Lathe Chuck and Crosslide/Travel Shields

Large Lathe Chuck Shields

Drill Press Shields


Milling Machine Shields

Heavy-Duty Interlocked Drill Shields

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shields

Grinder Shields

Grinder Shields

Belt Sander Shields/Disc Sander Shields

Belt Sander/Disc Sander Shields

Disconnects, Starters, & E-stops

Disconnects Starters and E-stops

Safety Interlock Switches & Relays

Safety Switch

Portable Weld/Grinder Screen

Weld Screen and Grinding Station Screen



Heavy-Duty Interlocked Milling Machine Shields

Milling Machine Shields

Band Saw Shields

Band Saw Shields

Interlocked Slotting and Broaching Type Machine Shield

Interlocked Slotting and Broaching Type Machine Shield

Mechanical Motion Covers

Tapered Unflanged Guards and Mechanical Motion Covers

Auxiliary Safeguarding

Safety Mats

Safety Accessories & Signs

Flexible-Arm Lamps Snake-Arm Lamps
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