About Rockford Systems, Inc.

We can provide a total solution when it comes to machine safeguarding and safeguards in the workplace. Our expertise is in the areas of metal-fabricating, metal-cutting, and robotics industries. Other markets we serve include packaging, textiles, material handling, and assembly machines. Our goal is to supply superior industrial-grade safety products and systems which comply with OSHA and ANSI standards. We also educate people on the current regulations and standards. We have highly skilled personnel who can install safeguarding for a complete turnkey operation.

We are located in Rockford, Illinois, 70 miles northwest of Chicago. All phases of operation take place here, including sales and representative support, training on safety standards, and marketing.


Our commitment is to deliver the highest-quality products and services, to form long-term partnerships with industry based on our knowledge of the safety requirements and the proper application of the systems, and to respond to the changing needs of industry using the latest technology available.

Product Lines

We have a complete line of products and equipment for safeguarding machinery and the workplace.


We offer a complete line of services which has earned us the title: "The Machine Safeguarding People." These services include monthly machine safeguarding seminars, customized on-site seminars, surveys of machines, proposals, installation of safeguards, technical support, repairs, and service calls. We also publish an informative safeguarding newsletter called OnGuard!TM.

Representative Network

A fully trained, professional network of factory-authorized representatives markets and supports our products and services. To provide quality service, our network of representatives works closely with customers from the first contact through the installation of the equipment on their machines.

The products and photos on this site are carefully checked for accuracy; however some cosmetic differences may occur.