Rockford Systems, LLC. continues to provide workplace safety solutions. Our objective is to reduce risk and prevent workplace injuries by partnering with our customer and providing machine safeguarding training, assessments, and custom engineered integration solution. Find out the latest news by reading today and bookmarking this page.  Also, find more industry expertise with our Safety Blog at

Safeguard Press Brake to Prevent Injuries

Safeguard Press Brake – Press brakes are especially dangerous pieces of machinery that require operator caution, regular maintenance, and protective safeguards. Used extensively in the forming of sheet metal and plate materials, press brakes are a frequent

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Machine Safeguarding Specialist

Rockford Systems provides machine safeguarding and combustion safety solutions to industrial organizations, helping them reduce risk and improve worker safety. If OUR CULTURE seems like a fit for you, we invite you to join the Rockford Systems

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Rockford System Introduces Emergency-Stop Assembly

Emergency-Stop Assembly Prevents Injuries to Machine Operators Rockford Systems, LLC., a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, has introduced a new Cable and emergency-stop assembly featuring a unique cam operation for faster positive stopping of

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Grinder Safety – The Do’s and Don’ts

Grinder Safety – Grinder Safety – Understanding Safeguarding Standards for Bench and Pedestal Grinders Because grinders are everyday equipment in workplaces nationwide, many workers become complacent about their hazards. However, grinders are one of the most frequently

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Human Element Brand refresh at Rockford Systems

Rockford Systems, LLC, a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, announced today the launch of its new “Human Element Brand” campaign complete with a re-energized logo, website, social media program, print and online advertisements, and

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Rockford Systems Webinar Debunks Machine Safeguarding Myths

Rockford Systems Webinar Debunks Machine Safeguarding Myths; Free webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, February 7, 2017; Rockford Systems, LLC., a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, is offering a free “Debunking Machine Safeguarding Myths” webinar to put an end to commonly held myths, misconceptions, and inaccuracies surrounding the protection of machine operators from injuries. To help the cause Rockford Systems has rounded up and corrected the top three safeguarding “facts” that are dangerously wrong.

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Robots – Playing it Safe in the Workplace

Robotics is a growing field as more and more companies are incorporating industrial automation into their production processes. In just the first nine months of this year 23,985 robots were ordered from North American companies, many of

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Rockford Systems Joins National Safety Council

Rockford, IL, December 6, 2016 Rockford Systems, LLC., a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, announced today that it has become a member of the National Safety Council (NSC), a nonprofit organization with the mission

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Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, Rockford Systems, LLC delivers trusted machine-safeguarding solutions for organizations working with industrial machinery. As a trusted adviser since 1971, Rockford Systems helps organizations interpret and apply complex Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) machine safety standards for a broad array of industrial applications. In addition, Rockford Systems provides complete Turnkey Machine Safety Solutions, including machine safeguarding assessments, machine risk assessments, customized build-to-spec integration, over 10,000 safeguarding products, expert installation services, training, and technical support, and ongoing compliance validation. Rockford Systems has improved the workplace safety of many of North America’s largest companies by reducing risk and preventing workplace injuries.

Rockford Combustion of Rockford Systems, LLC provides combustion safety solutions including training, service, burner tuning, and audits, as well as standardized and custom-engineered valve safety trains. These extensive risk reduction solutions enable organizations to improve compliance and worker safety while maintaining productivity.