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  • light curtain off-on remote operator station

    Light Curtain (Beam) Off-On Remote Operator Station (LLD1236)


    An off-on remote operator station is available that is used in conjunction with an interface when a plain door enclosure or loose interface components are chosen. This remote operator station includes an off/on keyed selector switch in a steel 3 1⁄2-inch x 3 1⁄4-inch x 2 3⁄4-inch enclosure.

  • perimeter light beam interface

    Perimeter Light Beam Interface


    Several Variations, Perimeter Light Beam Interface Control – The perimeter light beam interfaces are available in several variations. They are available with the components furnished loose, in a plain door enclosure, or in an enclosure with the operators on the door. Depending on the requirements, component options include terminals, fuses, a safety monitoring relay, force-guided…

  • perimeter light beam system

    Perimeter Light Beam System

    The perimeter light beam system is sold in pairs and is available as a short-range or long-range operating system. The light beam system meets industry OSHA, ANSI, UL, IEC, and EN safety standards. The Short/Long Perimeter Light Beam System (Sold in Pairs) consists of a transmitter and receiver. Each is encased in a rigid, aluminum…

  • safety bumper control interface

    Safety Bumper Control Interface (RKR164)


    The safety bumper control interface (Part No. RKR164) consists of a safety controller, power supply, force-guided relays, terminals, and fuses all inside an enclosure for bumper switches. An on/off selector switch and a lighted reset push button are on the front of the enclosure. If the safety bumper is pressed and stops machine motion, then…

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