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  • DIN-Rail Control Module (RFT139)


    DIN-Rail Mounted Control Multi-Mode Module (RFT139) If the safety mat control box (Part No. RKR-162) is not required, a DIN-rail mounted control module is available. Each control module has 4 NO safety contacts and 1 NC auxiliary contact. The control module allows operation in either automatic or manual reset modes.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats

    Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats


    Safety mats are available in numerous sizes, and are available with or without edging. This is a non-stock item and may incur an extended delivery time. Pressure-sensitive safety mats are intended to be used as auxiliary or additional safeguarding equipment to protect operators and other employees in the machine area. They must not be used…

  • Safety Mat Control Box (RKR162)


    This safety mat control box provides an interface for the safety mats to the existing machine control. If someone steps on the mat while the machine is operating or cycling, the control is designed to provide a stop signal; or, if someone is on the mat(s), the stop signal will not allow the machine to…

  • Mat Junction Boxes

    Safety Mat Junction Boxes


    Safety Mat Junction Boxes with Easy Tie-In for Grouping up to 10 safety mats. Part No. RKR-021 Mat junction box can provide wiring for up to 10 mats for easy tie-in to the mat control. (Cover has been removed for photo.) If multiple mats are grouped together to provide auxiliary or perimeter (work-envelope) safeguarding, junction…

  • Zone Monitor

    Zone Monitor for Safety Mats


    For applications where multiple safety mats are needed, a zone monitor can be used. It acts as a control box, while eliminating the need for a junction box for multiple safety mat installations. Additionally, it has a diagnostic feature to determine which mat or mats have been tripped. The zone monitor is available in two…

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