Crosslide-Travel Lathe Shields With Reinforced Steel and High-Impact Polycarbonate Window


Product Description

These crosslide-travel lathe shields mount on and travel with the crosslide for protection when machining long workpieces. The 18-guage reinforced steel housing provides protection from flying chips and coolant. The high-impact polycarbonate window permits visibility into the point of operation. The front portion of the lathe shield hinges up for access. These shields are ideal for lathes with long beds.

Special shield sizes are available on request.

Remember to order a mounting bracket when purchasing a crosslide-travel lathe shield.





Lathe Shield Safety Standards

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.212(a)(1) – There is no specific OSHA safety standard for lathes. Please refer to ANSI B11.6 standard linked below for best safety practices.

ANSI B11.6 Safety Standard for Lathes