Product Description

Power Interruption Immune, Sensing-Saf-Start® Package

The Sensing-Saf-Start® package is designed for installation on 120-V (15-A maximum) machines. When installed correctly, the Saf-Start® package will prevent the machine from automatically or unintentionally restarting when a power interruption occurs. The machine cannot restart until power has been restored, the machine has been turned off, and the reset button on the Saf-Start® pushed.

The package includes a 120-V AC Sensing-Saf-Start® with a 20″ cord for the machine end and an 8′ cord with molded plug on the power end, plus an E-stop in a Nema 4 polycarbonate enclosure. The Saf-Start® complies with OSHA requirements and NFPA 79 electrical standard.