Sliding Lathe Shields


Product Description

Heavy-duty sliding lathe shields are furnished in four different sizes. They are constructed of high quality, reinforced 12-gauge steel with a polycarbonate window. These shields are available for operator protection on large standard lathes, CNC machines, and OD grinders.

The shields are designed to fit lathes with chucks up to 48 inches in diameter. Four adjustable flanged mounting posts are provided for easy mounting. These posts are used to securely mount the shield’s ball-bearing carriage to the top of the headstock, as illustrated. This means the posts can be attached without interfering with any part of the equipment housed within the headstock.

These sliding shields slide out-of-the-way over the headstock, allowing the operator access to the point of operation for loading and unloading workpieces, changing tooling, changing chucks, removing swarf, etc. Each shield has approximately 20″ of travel.

When ordering these sliding shields, check lathe dimensions and reference drawings. Special sizes are available on request.



Product Manual

Download the Product Manual PDF