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Rockford Systems Detect-a-Finger® Protects Welder Operators’ Fingers from Injuries

ROCKFORD, IL, SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 — The Rockford Systems RKC-500 Detect-A-Finger® drop-probe device prevents serious injuries to welder operators by halting welding machinery from starting its stroke if a finger or hand is detected in the point-of-operation area. To block welding splash, additional lightweight clear plastic shielding can also be attached to the device’s rod.

The key components of RKC-500 Detect-A-Finger® drop-probe device are a sensing probe module with a rod shaped to fit over or around the work piece, and a control module. Whenever the welder operator initiates a stroke, typically through an electric foot switch, the Detect-A-Finger sensing probe is released and drops by gravity, ensuring that safeguarding cannot be deactivated or overlooked. If the probe detects anything more than the material, it averts cycling. However, if an operator’s fingers or hands have not entered the point-of-operation area, the sensing probe will drop into its preset position, and the Detect-A-Finger’s control unit will allow the welder to operate to maintain productivity and performance.

The Detect-A-Finger RKC-500 model is exclusively for welders. The unique design of its sensing probe module allows it to be mounted to a welder arm, whether the arm is fixed or moving. Depending on the type of welder, a single-stage or a two-stage foot switch may be required. The Detect-A-Finger RKC-500 may also be applied to mechanical foot pedal-type welders, although the mechanical pedal must be removed and replaced with an air cylinder.

Rockford Systems Detect-A-Finger devices are designed for compliance with OSHA 29 CFR, Subpart 0, 1910.212 general requirements for all machines.

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