For 50 years, we have been educating organizations, throughout the world on health and safety topics and machine safeguarding.

According to safety standards, when a machine creates a hazard to operators and other employees in the machine area, it must be safeguarded. Rockford Systems offers a machine safeguarding seminar to teach people in positions of responsibility how to safeguard the point of operation and other machine hazards to meet these safety standards. This 2½-day seminar explains how to interpret the performance language of both OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) B11-series safety standards. Specific machine safeguarding situations are also discussed. Another section of the machine safeguarding seminar provides basic safeguarding guidelines for other metalworking machines using the ANSI B11-series safety standards. Seminars combine classroom discussion with demonstrations of machines under power. Hands-on experience with these machines and visual aids, including slides and videos, are also used. These teaching methods enable the participants to interpret the OSHA and ANSI standards as they relate to their specific machine applications and production requirements. This course is taught by Mr. Matthew Clutter, Director of Training, an industrial safeguarding expert with over 16 years of machine safeguarding experience. Mr. Clutter is also a speaker at various seminars sponsored by industrial associations. Through his teaching methods participants will learn to interpret the OSHA 29 CFR and ANSI B-11 standards as they relate to specific machine applications and production requirements.

The Rockford Systems Training Center is equipped with several types of risk reduction so that attendees can see how different safeguards can be applied and used.

Our instructors are well-qualified, having many years of exposure heath and safety environments and to the machine tool industry. Their experience comes from working in the field with plant engineers, safety directors, and plant managers.

All training courses are held at our Rockford, Illinois, training center, which is located 70 miles northwest of Chicago O’Hare Airport.

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Rockford Systems appreciates your business and your trust in us as your preferred training partner. In response to the ever-developing uncertainties the COVID pandemic has created, Rockford Systems will do its utmost to accommodate the wellbeing of both your employees and our instructors. With this in mind there are some safety protocols we have recently implemented for the duration of this pandemic.

Rockford Systems will permit the cancellation of a training class, or may cancel the training class with little or no advanced notice due to COVID related causes. Cancellations initiated by the customer or Rockford Systems will entitle the customer to a full refund of deposit. Neither party will be subject to penalties or associated claims from the other, nor for losses or for 3rd party related costs. Any and all training materials shipped in advance of the scheduled class shall be returned to Rockford Systems for subsequent full reimbursement.