Training Workshop Addresses Combustion System Safety

Hosted by Rockford Combustion Solutions, the two-day seminar is scheduled for November 9-10, 2021 in Rockford, Illinois

ROCKFORD, IL, OCTOBER 18 , 2021 — Rockford Combustion Solutions will host a two-day workshop on November 9-10, 2021, where attendees can satisfy mandatory annual training requirements for NFPA 54, 85 and 86. Available now for immediate enrollment, the in-person seminar will be held at the company’s Rockford, IL headquarters in a COVID-19 safe environment. A Certificate of Completion will be provided upon successful conclusion of the course.

Consisting of a total of 16 hours of training, the workshop will provide in-depth knowledge of NFPA 86 combustion safety and equipment with added hands-on simulation. Day one provides a detailed overview of combustion equipment fundamentals. Day two builds beyond the basics by offering practical application knowledge using simulators and props, as well as provides troubleshooting tips. The workshop’s aim is to educate and empower participants by providing direction from Chuck Campbell, an industrial combustion safety expert with over 35 years of field training experience.

Through the use of interactive demonstrations and instructor-supported lessons, the workshop will teach best practices for the safe operation of industrial boilers, furnaces, dryers and other fuel-fired equipment. Although the workshop is primarily designed for supervisors, engineers, maintenance crews, purchasing agents, and EHS professionals, it is of value to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of combustion system safety and performance.

The knowledge outcome from attending the workshop is:

  • Apply NFPA learned lessons to the facility
  • Understand fuel-train components
  • Recognize vented and ventless gas-train designs
  • Apply combustion and air/fuel ratio controls
  • Identify applicable Standard and Code requirements
  • Correctly service system device or component and test same per code or standards
  • Understand BMS System Sequencing process
  • Develop a maintenance combustion program with annual valve-train safety inspections.

To register online, visit or call 800-922-7533.


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