Automatic Sanding Belt Holder


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The automatic sanding belt holder enables lathe operators to sand, polish and deburr without using their hands for work execution, keeping hands away at a safe operating distance. The holder is available in 25mm and 50mm sizes and can hold belts of different sizes and abrasion grits. The sanding belt holder meets ISO 23125 6.2.1.P (prohibition to use hands for work execution), which replaces the dangerous sanding operation usually performed by the hands.

The belt holder is fixed to the existing tool-case turret of the lathe and is able to sand bars of different diameters using three different opening positions. The abrasive part of the sanding belt is guaranteed by an automatic, patented sliding system which exploits the rotating movement of the piece worked. Easy to use and installs in minutes. Can be used on metal, alloy and wood.



Sanding belts (2″ x 36″ or 51MM X 914MM) are sold separately in 80, 150, 180, 220 and 320 abrasive grits. See product SKU’s AB080S2, AB150S2, AB180S2, AB220S2, AB320S2 for the sanding belts.

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SBHA10 (25mm Belt Holder)

PositionA (mm)B (mm)Belt (mm)

SBHA20 (50mm Belt Holder)

PositionA (mm)B (mm)Belt (mm)