Product Description

The box will vary in size based on the disconnect switch and motor starter components. The box is furnished with an IEC through-the-door main power fused disconnect switch and an IEC hydraulic pump magnetic motor starter (with push buttons). They are prewired and built into a NEMA 12 enclosure.

Operator controls and the keypad/display are located on the front of the door, or a plain-door control or subpanel can be furnished. A remote operator station or keypad/display kit is required if a plain door control or subpanel is ordered. See page 83 for information on remote operator stations.

To ensure the starter(s) and disconnect are sized properly, please check horsepower for the main drive motor and slide adjust motor (if furnished) on the machine, as well as full-load amps, and primary voltage to the
machine. After obtaining this information, go to the chart on page 83 to determine the proper custom control box part number. Follow directions 1-7 to determine the correct part number.