Light Curtain Interface for Point of Operation (EZ) Light Curtains


Product Description

The EZ-Screen light curtain interfaces are available in several variations. They are available with the components furnished loose, in a plain door enclosure, or in an enclosure with the operators on the door. Depending on the requirements, component options include terminals, fuses, a safety monitoring relay, force-guided relays, a light curtain off/on selector switch, a power supply, a reset pushbutton, and an enclosure. See the chart below to help choose an EZ-Screen standard light curtain interface based on your requirements.

EZ-Screen light curtain interfaces provide a generic tie-in to most control systems. These interfaces can supply the 24-V DC power needed to operate the light curtains. The light curtains provide two solid-state OSSD (output signal switching device) outputs, and since many control systems are not compatible with this type of output, interfaces are available. These units incorporate a safety monitoring relay to provide a Category 4 interface when properly integrated with the existing controls system. Some control systems require more relay contacts than are available on a safety monitoring relay, therefore, force-guided relays can be provided that will work in conjunction with the safety monitoring relays. This provides additional contacts and still maintains a Category 4 interface.

A light curtain off/on selector switch is also an available option. This selector switch gives the option to run the machine in the setup mode. Other safeguarding methods must be used when the light curtain selector switch is in the off position.

A light curtain reset pushbutton can also be chosen as an option. It allows easy access for the light curtain to be reset.

If necessary, special interfaces can be provided that will show the exact tie-in of the light curtains to your control system. We will need your existing electrical control system schematics to verify that it is compliant and that it is capable of accepting a light curtain tie-in. Please contact us for more information.

Light Curtain Interface Feature Chart