Machine Guards and Bearing Covers

Product Description

Machine guards protect and provide workplace safety. Bearing covers are universal and fit over the entire housing of the bearing and they are not molded brand specific. Designed to cover many variations of bearings, our 2-Bolt, 3-Bolt, and 4-Bolt Bearing Covers protect the bearing against environmental hazards, increase the lifespan, and provide safety in the workplace.

  • Guards for chain, belt, and gear drive power transmission systems.
  • Bearing and coupling guards, conveyor covers, drip trays, and custom parts.
  • The machine guards meet OSHA safety guard standards if the guards are installed in accordance with the relevant standards
  • Standard cover size is 3/16” and for Heavy duty applications 1/4”
  • Available in black, yellow, or transparent colors.  Custom plastic thermoforming is available, call 815-874-7891 or email
  • These covers are intended to be securely fastened following the ANSI B11.19-2010: Performance Criteria for Safeguarding – Standard Requirements: 7.2.6.


Our standard machine guards are industrial chain guards or belt guards that safely cover drives that have similar-sized sheaves or sprockets.

Download Industrial Belt Cover Sizing Form
Download Industrial Chain Cover Sizing Form

Standard Flanged Guards

Standard Flanged Guards
with Safety Captured Fasteners

Standard Unflanged Guards


Uncovered bearings and rotating shafts can cause injury on the shop floor. Bearing covers fit over the entire housing of the bearing, ensuring safety. The plastic bearing covers are secured with self-tapping screws, making the bearing covers safer than snap-on bearing caps, and conforming to the strictest ANSI standards.

Download Flanged Bearing Cover Sizing Form
Download Pillow Block Bearing Cover Sizing Form
Download Plummer Bearing Cover Sizing Form
Download Take-Up Bearing Cover Sizing Form

2-Bolt Bearing Covers
(Available Lightweight)

3-Bolt Bearing Covers
(Available Lightweight)

4-Bolt Bearing Covers
(Available Lightweight)

3-Bolt Flange Bracket
Bearing Covers

4-Bolt Flange Bracket
Bearing Covers

Pillow Block Bearing Covers

Pillow Block Bearing Covers

Plummer Pillow Block Covers

Take-Up Bearing Covers


Shaft covers are designed to cover exposed rotating shafts, and can cover a bearing attached to the shaft.

Download Shaft Cover Sizing Form – Horizontal
Download Shaft Cover Sizing Form – Vertical

Bearing Shaft Covers

Flanged Shaft Covers
(Available Lightweight)

Double Flanged Shaft Covers
(Available Lightweight)


Our tapered machine guards are industrial chain guards or belt guards that safely cover drives that have different sized sheaves or sprockets.

Tapered Flanged Guards

Tapered Flanged Guards
with Safety Captured Fasteners

Tapered Unflanged Guards


Split round covers are designed to easily and safely point guard the gap that commonly occurs in power transmission systems. Although seemingly a minor hazard location, guarding this safety hazard can prevent injury and even fatalities in the workplace.

Split Round Cover


Straight Conveyor Covers
(Available Lightweight)

Curved Conveyor Covers
(Available Lightweight)


Rectangle Flanged Guards

Rectangle Flanged Guards
with Safety Captured Features

Rectangle Unflanged Guards


Download Coupling Cover Sizing Form

1-Piece Coupling Covers

Coupling Cover Fabricated Box


Round Flanged Covers
(Available Lightweight)


Oversize guards are offered in sections for ease of manufacture and assembly. By adding or removing center sections, the guards can be made longer or shorter as needed.

Oversized Guards

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