Mounting Brackets for Lathe Chuck Shields


Product Description

The zinc-plated extension tube, to which the polycarbonate and steel shields are fastened, is mounted to the headstock of the lathe by a mounting bracket.

There are two principal types of mounting brackets available. Type A is used for mounting to the top or the side of the headstock. Type B is used for mounting to the inside face of the headstock.

For difficult mounting conditions, bracket Type A1 may be used. This bracket incorporates a telescopic height adjustment (up to 2″) and can be swiveled up to an angle of 90° as required.

Bracket Type B2 is a two-socket mounting. It can be fastened to the face of the headstock where shields with different diameters may be used. It accommodates 3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks. The inner socket is used for the 3-jaw chuck shield. When changing over to a 4-jaw chuck, the shield is removed from the inner socket and replaced by a larger diameter shield inserted into the outer socket. This accommodates the 4-jaw chuck.

Bracket Type A – Part No. LXS-650lxs650-pFor mounting to the top or side of the headstock.

Bracket Type A1 – Part No. LXS-651lxs651-pFor extended mounting to top or side of the headstock.

Bracket Type B – Part No. LXS-652lxs652-p For mounting to the face of the headstock.

Bracket Type B2 – Part No. LXS-653lxs653-pFor mounting to the face of the headstock when two different sized shields are used.

Small steel and transparent lathe chuck shields can be interlocked to the motor starter. When the chuck shield is lifted up, the contact on the switch is opened. This causes the machine to stop. The switch is attached to a heavy-duty mounting bracket.

This interlocking bracket assembly includes mounting bracket Part No. LXS-652.

Interlock Switch Specifications
Contacts: 1 NO and 1 NC, 10 A @ 600 V AC.
Operating Temperature: 10° to 250°F (-12° to 121°C)

LXS Series Lathe Chuck Shields and mounting arms and brackets are *Marked for Discontinuation* until inventory is depleted. Replacement transparent shields and mounting arms will be supported and supplied through January 1, 2024.

Replacement Lathe Chuck Shields for LXS Series are the Protector Series Shields:
Please see the links below for direct replacement options. Offered as curved, octagonal, interlocked, and interlocked and lighted.