Guard-Opening Scale – OSHA (KSC097)


Product Description

An OSHA guard opening scale is a valuable tool to use during the design, installation, and inspection of guards to make sure they comply with OSHA’s Table O-10. This folding guard opening scale is based on Table O-10 of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217 for mechanical power presses. It shows the distances that guards shall be positioned from the point of operation based on opening size. When a guard is used as the primary safeguarding method, it must be designed, constructed, adjusted, and maintained so that someone cannot reach under, over, around, or through the guard. Any openings created by the guards must be checked for compliance with the OSHA regulation

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Guard-Opening Scale Features

English units on one side and metric units on the other side

  • Powder-coated aluminum for added durability
  • Compact—folds to one-third its size to fit in a pocket
  • Silk-screened markings will not rub or scratch off
  • Based on Table O-10 of CFR 1910.217

Please refer to our Quick Reference Sheets for “how to use” instructions.