Safety Bumper


Product Description

This safety bumper system is designed to protect someone or something from hazardous machine conditions. A safety bumper and a safety interface control provides a Category 3 safety system. The bumper is an industrial grade, pressure-sensitive safety device with a built-in sensor, and is supplied with 4-lead wiring. When a person or object comes in contact with the safety bumper, a signal is sent to stop the machine. Each bumper has two 6-foot cables, an aluminum mounting channel, and is resistant to water, oil, hydraulic fluids, and coolants.

An RKR164 interface control consists of a safety controller, power supply, force-guided relays, terminals, and fuses all inside an enclosure. An on/off selector switch and a lighted reset push button are on the front of the enclosure. If the bumper is pressed and stops machine motion, then the reset button must be pushed to allow a restart of the machine. Connection of the safety bumper and interface provides a Category 3 safety system when properly integrated with the existing control system.
RKR164 available HERE.

If an RKR164 interface is not required, a DIN-rail mounted safety relay control module is available. Each 24-V DC DIN-rail module has 4 NO contacts and can be mounted into an existing control.

Typical Safety Bumper Applications
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Packaging and material handling
  • Moving conveyor systems
  • Moving platforms and lifts
  • Automated guided vehicles