Safety Chip Shields for Small Drill Presses and Milling Machines


Product Description

These sturdy safety chip shields provide protection from flying chips, coolant, and rotating parts. They are usually applied to small drill presses, milling machines (mills), etc., and can be magnetically or permanently mounted. The shield can be attached to any ferrous surface on the machine by an 80-lb. pull, 3 1/4-inch diameter magnetic base. If a flat, smooth, ferrous surface is not available, a 3 1/4-inch x 5 1/4-inch mounting plate is also furnished with each shield.

The impact-resistant, 3/16-inch-thick clear polycarbonate shield provides visibility to the point of operation. These chip shields adjust and lock in any vertical position.

Complies with OSHA 1910.212 – General Safety Requirements / ANSI B11.8 – Manual Drilling Machines / ANSI B11.23 – CNC Drilling Machines

List of ANSI B11 Safety Standards