EX-AL™ T-Nuts, Fasteners and End Caps


Product Description

EX-AL™ Various T-Nuts, Fasteners and End Caps

T-nuts allow joining plates, panels, hinges, and other accessories to be bolted into the T-slot of any of the extrusions. They are made of hardened steel and are coated with corrosion-resistant black oxide. Standard T-nuts slide into the T-slot from the end.

The drop-in style allows the T-nut to be dropped into the slot after the extrusions have already been fastened together. T-nuts are usually fastened to button-head cap screws.

The end fastener provides a concealed method for connecting extrusions at 90° without external joining plates. The end fastener creates a tight, square joint. These fasteners consist of a stamping that aligns the T-slots and a button-head cap screw that threads into the tapped extrusion end. The end fastener is ideal for tight space restrictions. When loosened, connected extrusions glide smoothly over end fasteners. When connecting extrusions, 1/4″ drilled access holes are required to allow a hex wrench to reach the button-head cap screws. Access holes are drilled 1/2″ from the end of the extrusion. Additional holes are drilled at 1″ centers from the first hole. End fasteners are held in place with ¼-20 button-headed screws (sold separately).

End caps are made of black high-impact styrene. They fit easily onto the end of extrusions to present a finished look. Push in fasteners (sold separately) secure the end caps to the extrusion. Please consult the factory for different sizes of end caps.

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