Many workplace safety projects require customized, engineered design solutions, electrical and/or mechanical, that integrate seamlessly into your company’s equipment, plants and operations. Our build-to-spec safety solutions review the customer-supplied electrical and machine schematics, evaluate existing interfaces or controls for compliance, and identify the need for special interfaces or controls. From there, Rockford Systems delivers customized engineered and safety device interfaces or specialized machine controls manufactured to your requirements to reduce operator fatigue, and provide an engineered compliant category specific safety circuit to existing machine controls. In addition, detailed electrical schematics and Bills of Material (BOMs) are provided for compliance tracking and future parts ordering.

Customized Engineered Integration Solutions Process

  1. Initial customer inquiry
  2. Customer Service requests a scope of work or a machine list from the customer
  3. Customer Service quotes an onsite assessment and sends this to the customer
  4. Once an assessment PO is received, then an assessment date(s)s is scheduled by Rockford Systems
  5. Rockford Systems conducts the onsite assessment as scheduled
  6. The Account Manager evaluates and assesses the machine with proprietary software called RSXpress
  7. The Account Manager documents in RSXpress how and where the material is handled or fed into the machine, what the point of operation and various other evaluation criteria
  8. A conversation takes place between the Account Manager and the machine operator(s)s and/or stakeholders current guarding practices
  9. The Account Manager requests machine prints and/or detailed schematics
  10. Then submits a request for internal engineering review at Rockford Systems
  11. The engineering team and Account Manager collaborate on an engineered solution
  12. Afterward the Account Manger presents a detailed RSXpress proposal and has a proposal review meeting with the customer to discuss the rank order priority of specific findings in the proposal for best safety practices using ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.
  13. The customer then provides a PO to Rockford Systems for the custom engineered integration for machine safeguarding with installation and products
  14. The design process begins by creating engineered controls, PLC programs, schematics and bills of material.
  15. If needed, prior to the manufacturing of safety equipment, the engineering team produces concept drawings and submits them to the customer for approval
  16. Lastly an installation date is scheduled