Riveter and Welder Safety – Adjustable Stroke Detect-a-Finger® Drop-Probe Device


Product Description

For Safeguarding Riveters, Spot Welders, Eyeletters, Stakers, Staplers, Crimpers, Fastening and Assembly Machines

Riveter and Welder Safety

The Detect-A-Finger is a cost-effective solution to help protect the operator’s fingers from pinch-point hazards. The DAF100 Adjustable Stroke Detect-A-Finger® drop-probe device for riveters and welders reduces accidents at the point of operation where the operator’s fingers can enter. This device is an electric-air system that consists of two main components: the drop-probe assembly and the control box. The standard unit can provide a stroke of up to 4-inches and can be mounted on the left or right side of the machine. Location of the DAF100 should be determined by the availability of the mounting surface, the size or shape of the workpiece, and the throat depth of the machine.

The drop-probe assembly functions by allowing the sensing probe to drop around the point-of-operation hazard prior to each intended machine cycle. If the sensing probe encounters the operator’s fingers and fails to drop to a preset position, the machine cycle will not be initiated. If there are no obstructions to prevent the sensing probe from dropping, then the control unit will allow the machine to cycle when the sensing probe reaches the preset position.

Drop-Probe Device Components

The DAF100 system consists of two main components: the drop-probe assembly and the control box. The drop-probe assembly consists of an air cylinder and solenoid operated air valve with an adjustable down stop locking collar, limit switch, magnetic proximity switch, and a PVC insulator block. The control box consists of a control circuit board, safety relays, and pin-type plug-in terminals.

Each DAF100 system is furnished with one mini air filter, two mini air regulators, 25-feet of 5/32-inch PVC tubing, 4-feet of 1-inch x 2-inch extruded aluminum for mounting, and two plain 18-inch aluminum sensing probes. These sensing probes are shaped by the user to the workpiece or assembly requirements. Complete installation instructions and a maintenance manual are provided with each assembly.

Our new, premium solution – the UNITROL SOFT TOUCH Pinch-Point Safety System – is the first and only fully passive safeguarding equipment designed to prevent a pneumatic riveter, welder or other small machine from applying full force if it detects fingers in the machine’s point-of-operation area by measuring electrical continuity between electrodes. If anything other than metal is present between the electrodes, their sensors will not detect continuity and the electrodes will open automatically. Click HERE for more information on the UNITROL Soft Touch for Riveters and click HERE for more information on the UNITROL Soft Touch for Welders.


Product Manual

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