Unitrol SOFT TOUCH Pinch-Point Safety System for Riveters


Product Description

Please note this item has an extended lead time (about 4 weeks). Please call for installation quote if interested in Rockford Systems installation.

The SOFT TOUCH Pinch-Point Safety System is the first and only fully passive safeguarding equipment designed to prevent a pneumatic riveter, welder or other small machine from applying full force if it detects fingers in the machine’s point-of-operation area. SOFT TOUCH prevents hand injuries and eliminates associated expenses such as hospitalization, lost days of work, higher insurance premiums and legal action. It does all this while not slowing down manufacturing operations. OSHA-compliant SOFT TOUCH technology will take you from pinch-point to pinch-proof without losing a minute of productivity.

Unique to the industry, the SOFT TOUCH measures electrical continuity between electrodes to verify they are actually touching the part to be welded — and not the operator’s fingers. If anything other than metal is present between the electrodes, their sensors will not detect continuity and the electrodes will open automatically. This simple step prevents the machine from delivering high-pressure riveting or welding force onto the operator’s fingers. In addition, a display instantly warns the operator of the danger. SOFT TOUCH has proven far more effective than traditional safeguarding methods such as ring guards or light curtains. In fact, thousands of SOFT TOUCH systems have been installed around the world with a 100% safety record.

When continuity is detected between the electrodes – meaning only metal is present – full riveting force is applied and operations proceed normally without delay. No time-consuming operator adjustments are required. Also, SOFT TOUCH will automatically compensate for any changes in transformer tap switch position or line voltage shifts, preventing production from being abruptly stopped.

As with all safeguarding equipment, proper installation is critical. The experienced safeguarding professionals at Rockford Systems can install your SOFT TOUCH system and train your operators on its safe use (call for Installation quote).

Product Attributes

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 14 in
Solenoid Voltage Riveter 115VAC, Riveter 230VAC


Key Benefits

1. Fail Safe Operation
• If any of the system sensor wires become shortened or disconnected, the SOFT TOUCH system will lock out and not let the electrodes close or the riveting sequence to continue.
• If the SOFT TOUCH sensor board detects electrode continuity before the foot switch or hand switches are closed, the system will lock out and not allow any electrode movement.

2. No Operator Adjustments
• Workers cannot remove, circumvent or tamper with any part of the system.
• No operator set components.
• Does not require any adjustments when new setups are made.
• No user calibration. Just install and turn power ON.

3. No Operator Bypassing
• The continuity system cannot be overridden and is in place at all times that the welding machine is under power.

4. Primary System
• Can be used as the primary pinch-point safety system because it is fully passive.

5. Full-Electrical Redundancy
• All inputs and outputs require closure of both electro-mechanical and solid-state redundant components for fail safe operation. Self-monitors output relay to prevent any operation if a fault in the output contacts is detected.
• When welding a C-shaped part that is not fully closed and requires electrode force to push the parts together, a limit switch can be added to the welder, and be adjusted to close when the space between the electrodes is less an ¼’. In this case, two actions are required before the electrode force increases and the rivet or weld sequence starts.

6. Does Not Stop Production
• Automatically compensates for changes in transformer tap switch position or line voltage shifts.

7. Types of Machines
Works with All Types of Pneumatic Riveters
Other Machine Types:
• Welders, pneumatic clinching machines, eyeletters, stakers, crimpers, fastening and assembly machines.

Complete System
SOFT TOUCH replaces the existing solenoid valves and is supplied in a single NEMA-4 enclosure that is factory pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

SOFT TOUCH can be used with all types of metals and other materials on pneumatic riveters.

All options shown below can be ordered with the SOFT TOUCH system (sold separately). They can also be easily added later in the field without modification of the control.
1. Retract Kit to be used on all resistance welders that have a RETRACT (Hi-Lift) function
2. Timed Bypass Switch for use with poor-conductive material
3. Limit Switch for use with poor-conductive material or for redundant sensors
4. Pressure Regulator Kit

Developed in combination with OSHA an guaranteed to be in compliance –
OSHA 1910.212(a) – General Machinery
OSHA 1910.255(b)(4) – Resistance Welding Machines
OSHA 1910.217(c)(3)(iii) – Presence Sensing Point of Operation Device
ANSI B11.19-2010 (8.7) (Safeguarding Methods Standard)
ANSI B154.1-1995 (Rivet Setting Equipment)

SOFT TOUCH is covered under a limited 5-year prorated warranty. Please refer to the product manual for more information on the warranty.