Spring-Loaded/Self-Ejecting Drill Press Chuck Keys


Product Description

Use the chart below to select your drill press chuck key.

These drill press chuck keys are spring-loaded and self-eject so they are not inadvertently left in the drill’s chuck.

Drill Press Chuck Keys – Pilot Size Selection Chart
Part NumberFor LFA® Chuck Model NumberFor Jacobs Chuck Model NumberPilot Size
SLK-001N/A0, 0B1/8"
SLK-00281-1A, 81-1B1A, 1B, 1BS, MC15/32"
SLK-00381-4B7, 7-1A, 7B7/32"
SLK-00481b-13A, 81b-13B, 42-13B, 81bS-13A30, 30-1A, 30B, 31B, 31BA, 81/2N, MC415/64"
SLK-00582-2A, 82-2B2A, 2B, MC51/4"
SLK-00682A-5A, 43b-5A, 82A-5B, 43b-5B, 82AS-5A, 43BZ-5B11N, 32, 32B, 33, 33B, 33BA, 33F, 33KD, 3326A, MC-10, MC331/4"
SLK-0074200-B1, 412-B1, 420-B1DC1G61, DC1G61AD, DC4G61, DC4G61AD, H1G61, MC2, MC1G41, MC1G60, MC1G61, MC1G75, U4G41, U4G60, U4G611/4"
SLK-008422-B13, 4220-B13DC8K33, DC8K61, DK8K64, H8K33, H8K61, H8K64, MC4K01, MC4K41, MC4K61, MC8K26, MC8K64, MC8K64AD, U8K33, U8K33A, UK864, U8K64A, U8K619/32"
SLK-00943-6A, 43-6B, 84-6A, 45-6A, 84-6B, 45-6B, 83S-6A, 84S-6A, 44Z-6B, 43SB-6A3, 3A, 3AE, 3B, 3KD, 3PD, 6AE, 6A-2A, 6A-33, 6B, 14N, 34, 34B, 34KD, 34PD, 55B, 56B, 58B, 75A, 634, 634B 5/16"
SLK-01085-9A, 85B-9A, 85S-9A, 85BS-9A16N, 18BN, 36, 36B, 37KD, 37PD, 59B3/8"