Ergonomic Safeball Palm Button (CTC773)


Product Description

Safeball is a one-hand enabling device which can be used in pair to create a two-hand enabling device. Each Safeball consists of a spherical ball containing two embedded pushbutton switches, one on each side of the ball. To be able to start and operate a machine, both buttons must be activated. For a two-hand control device, the operator needs to have a Safeball for each hand in order to operate a machine.

The Safeball has a very low actuation force making for an ergonomic choice when used for two-hand control. Each Safeball comes with a 6.5′ (2 m), 4-conducter cable for ease of installation.

The Safeball can be mounted on a control bar, on a table or machine, or on a stand in a fixed position. It can also be mounted on an optional flexible ball joint that offers tilt and rotation for increased ergonomic suport.

NOTE: Safeballs must be mounted at the proper safety distance if they will be used as a point-of-operation safeguard.