Rockford Systems, LLC’s  Machine Safety Turnkey Solutions provide safety-conscious organizations with a customized, strategic approach and accompanying toolset to manage their diverse and complex machine safeguarding needs.

Rockford Systems, LLC’s Turnkey Solutions start with listening to and understanding your organization’s needs, then developing customized strategies to drive your organization to meet and exceed your industrial machine safeguarding and safety program goals. Rockford Systems, LLC has focused on providing machine safeguarding solutions to industry since 1971, and is a leader in workplace safety with a proven track record of developing customized solutions for organizations that seek to reduce the risks associated with industrial machinery.

For decades, Rockford Systems has been educating corporations about OSHA compliance, risk reduction, and machine safeguarding. Hundreds of participants attend our seminars each year, and come from a variety of areas to include government, manufacturing, distribution, aerospace, insurance, and consulting. Typical participants include Safety Directors and Specialists, Plant Management, Engineering and Maintenance Personnel, Consultants, and Insurance Loss Control Inspectors.
Reccommended for organizations with new and/or relocated metal working machines that need hazard identification. Our team identifies the tasks and associated hazards on machinery and scores the risk level using the ANSI B11.0-2020 safety standard methods and will provide customers with a detailed report.
Machine Safeguarding Assessment
Reccommended for organizations with new, old, refurbished and/or relocated machinery that need safeguarding solutions and associated costs. Our team identifies the task and associated hazards on machinery and recommends safeguarding solutions based on existing OSHA regulations and current ANSI/NFPA standards providing customers with a detailed Machine Safeguarding Assessment and Proposal.
We offer simple to complex custom engineered and build-to-spec machine safeguarding solutions.
Machine safeguarding product solutions designed to reduce risk and improve worker safety. Our high-quality products will help your organization to meet existing OSHA regulations and current ANSI/NFPA standards. Our products include shields, guards, presence sensing devices, controls, disconnects, starters, covers and more.
Our experienced installation teams safely integrate safeguarding products onto your machinery and train operators to properly use those safeguarding devices.
Technical and In-Field Support
Rockford Systems guarantees every purchase with a professional, highly-trained team of technical support advisors and in-field support is available for more complex troubleshooting and repairs. Our dedication to service and ongoing customer support is unparalleled within our industry.
Our inspections ensure that safeguarding products are in place as intended, working at optimal performance, and operators are using safeguarding solutions as designed and trained. We will deliver a peace of mind and report continued compliance with existing OSHA Regulations and current ANSI/NFPA standards.

Let Rockford Systems take the hard work out of managing your organization’s machine safety program.

Please call 1-800-922-7533 or email customerservice@rockfordsystems.com for more information on how Rockford Systems can help your organization reduce risk and improve employee safety.