ANSI B11 Safety Standards

Rockford Systems, LLC is a Voting Member of ANSI B11
Machine Safety Standards Committee

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Rockford Systems is a member of the B11 Standards Committee as a voting member, teaming up with existing voting companies that include Amazon, John Deere, Omron, Honda, Boeing, General Motors, Rockwell Automation and Komatsu, among other industry leaders, safety experts, and stakeholders. As a voting member, Rockford Systems will have direct input into the development and administration of published standards that impact virtually every segment of industry with the overarching goal of minimizing the risks of potential machinery-related hazards.

The B11 Standards Committee is a working group of B11 Standards, Inc., an ANSI accredited standards development organization (ASD) that administers the process for developing and approving industry standards concerning machine safeguarding. Responsibilities of the Committee includes evaluating and creating final drafts which are then turned over to the ANSI Board Standards Review for approval as ANSI Standards and Technical Reports. The Committee also participates in national and international standards development activities to aid in and facilitate alignment, where possible.

Brian Boes, Vice President of Applications Engineering for Rockford Systems, will serve as the company’s representative on the B11 Standards Committee, along with Matt Brenner, Vice President/General Manager of Machine Safeguarding. Both Boes and Brenner are recognized as leading authorities within the machine safety industry with in-depth understanding of OSHA, ANSI and NFPA standards.

As the B11 Standards Committee continues its work to address machine accidents, Rockford Systems’ more than 50 years of industry expertise in the safety space will be invaluable in accelerating progress toward development and adoption of the latest standards for machine safeguarding. Rockford Systems has a long track record of educating health and safety professionals through its highly-regarded workshops. From the outset of OSHA decades ago, Rockford Systems has supported industry efforts to create safer workspaces by providing machine safeguarding solutions that reduce risk and prevent workplace injuries. The company has consistently worked in close coordination with standards bodies, beginning with the Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970, to ensure the highest level of quality in safeguarding, and intends to continue this important work as a voting member of the B11 Standards Committee.

  • ANSI B11 – 2008 – General Safety Requirements Common to ANSI B11 Machines
  • ANSI B11.1 – Mechanical Power Presses
  • ANSI B11.2 – Hydraulic Power Presses
  • ANSI B11.3 – Mechanical Power Press Brakes
  • ANSI B11.4 – Shears
  • ANSI B11.5 – Ironworkers
  • ANSI B11.6 – Lathes
  • ANSI B11.7 – Cold Headers and Cold Formers
  • ANSI B11.8 – Drilling, Milling, and Boring Machines
  • ANSI B11.9 – Grinding Machines
  • ANSI B11.10 – Metal Sawing Machines
  • ANSI B11.11 – Gear and Spline Cutting Machines
  • ANSI B11.12 – Roll Forming and Roll Bending Machines
  • ANSI B11.13 – Automatic Screw/Bar and Chucking Machines
  • ANSI B11.14 – Withdrawn (now see B11.18)
  • ANSI B11.15 – Pipe, Tube, and Shape Bending Machines
  • ANSI B11.16 – Metal Powder Compacting Presses
  • ANSI B11.17 – Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
  • ANSI B11.18 – Coil Processing Systems
  • ANSI B11.19 – Performance Requirements for Risk Reduction Measures-Safeguarding and Other Means of Reducing Risk
  • ANSI B11.20 – Integrated Manufacturing Systems
  • ANSI B11.21 – Machine Tools Using Lasers for Processing Materials
  • ANSI B11.22 – Turning Centers and CNC Turning Machines
  • ANSI B11.23 – Machining Centers and CNC Milling, Drilling, and Boring Machines
  • ANSI B11.24 – Transfer Machines
  • ANSI B11.TR1-2016 – Ergonomic Guidelines for the Design, Installation, and Use of Machine Tools
  • ANSI B11.TR2-1997 – Mist Control Considerations
  • ANSI B11.TR3-2000 (R2015) – Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction
  • ANSI B11.TR4-2004 (R2015) – Selection of Programmable Electronic Systems (PES/PLC) for Machine Tools
  • ANSI B11.TR5-2006 (R2017) – Sound Level Measurement Guidelines
  • ANSI B11.TR6-2010 – Safety Control Systems for Machines
  • ANSI B11.TR7-2007 (R2017)  – Design for Safety and Lean Manufacturing
  • ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2019 – Guided Industrial Vehicles and Automated Functions of Manned Industrial Vehicles
  • ANSI B65.1-2005 – Printing Press Systems
  • ANSI B65.2-2005 – Binding and Finishing Systems
  • ANSI B65.3-2001 (R2006) – Guillotine Paper Cutters, Mill Trimmers and Integral Handling Equipment
  • ANSI B65.4-2002 – Three-Knife Trimmers, Including Rotary, and Single- and Multiple-Knife Trimmers
  • ANSI B65.5-2006 – Stand-Alone Platen Presses
  • ANSI B151.27-2021 – Robot/Injection Molding machine Safety Requirements
  • ANSI B155.1-2016 – Safety Requirements For Packaging and Processing Machinery