Gap Analysis

Our Gap Analysis solution is a comprehensive evaluation model where a Rockford Systems Safety Professional will go into an organization and conduct a review of their lockout/tagout program. This analysis is based on the OSHA 1910.147 regulation. The evaluation will focus on the customer’s policies and program elements, the application of lockout/tagout in the field by the authorized workforce, and the level of understanding of the official workforce. The deliverable will be a comprehensive report that includes specific recommendations to improve. These recommendations include other Rockford Systems service offerings like procedure development, program development, and training.

The elements of the gap analysis include the following.

A compliance review of the 1910.147 OSHA regulation and industry best practices is conducted. This review includes a document and process review where key stakeholders will be asked to provide evidence that they have met the regulatory requirements.

A review of the authorized workforce while they are actively performing a task in the field to determine if lockout/tagout is being appropriately applied.

A representative sampling of the authorized workforce will be interviewed that gauges their understanding of the lockout/tagout process.

• A detailed report that clearly summarizes where the gaps exist in each of the audited elements is provided.
• A presentation of the findings with key stakeholders.
• A future state action plan that provides specific recommendations to address the findings that close the gaps is identified.
• Proposals will be provided upon request for other services based on the findings.

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