Machine-Specific Procedures

Rockford Systems develops equipment-specific lockout procedures utilizing the proprietary RSLOTO Software. We use our RSLOTO software solution to create the equipment-specific procedures and sustain the program through periodic inspection tracking and tracking employee training. A RSLOTO App is available that utilizes QR Codes allows for field use when applying the procedure and conducting periodic inspections.

Service Includes the following.

A Rockford Systems Safety Consultant will conduct an in-depth audit and review of each machine and piece of equipment. This review will include identifying all energy sources for each piece of equipment, the means to de-energize the sources, and the means to isolate the energy sources. We then create a draft of machine-specific procedures. Digital photographs will be taken to be used in developing the visual procedures.

The data gathered during step 1 will be used to complete the development of the machine-specific procedures. These procedures will be created using the Rockford Systems RSLOTO Software. The procedures, once completed, are visually instructive and easy to follow by any employee or contractor.

After all the procedures are developed, we will submit them to the customer for verification. If any changes are needed or required, they are accomplished in this step. Lastly, we verify and complete the process in the software.

Next, we submit procedures to the customer for final approval. Approval will be completed in the RSLOTO software.

  • Posted procedures with energy source tags on isolation points.
  • Fully implemented RSLOTO software that is customer specific with hierarchy and finalized procedures.
  • A detailed device list is provided based on the procedure requirements, including ordering information.
  • Upon request, we can provide periodic inspection proposals

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