Rockford Systems continues to stand by your organization with post-sale support, expert technical resources and ongoing reminders about scheduled maintenance, inspections and compliance check points. 

Technical and In-Field Support Process

  1. A call and/or email to the technical service group begins the support process.
  2. The Rockford Systems support team wants to resolve the issue quickly for the customer via phone, email or a video meeting.
  3. If a resolution cannot be achieved over the phone, through email or video meeting, then the service manager schedules an onsite visit.
  4. Depending on the issue, the support team will provide a quote for the solution and visit.
  5. Warranty service is covered under Rockford Systems warranty policy and an onsite visit will be scheduled immediately.
  6. Non-warranty service will require a P.O. before scheduling a visit.

*Please note a PO may be required for some onsite visits depending on the warranty.

Tech Support

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