Rockford Systems installation services are offered in conjunction with a machine safeguarding assessment.  The installation teams provide complete integration and installation services in your plant and instruct your installation personnel on best safety practices. Crews integrate safety devices into sophisticated machine controls that meet or exceed all OSHA regulations and ANSI/NFPA standards and engineer minor modifications on the spot that might be required to improve operator usability and/or reduce operator fatigue. All installations conclude with operator safety training on the correct use of the new machine safeguarding equipment. In addition, safety training helps operators understand how to remain safe while also maximizing productivity.

* PLEASE NOTE:  Installation Services are not offered as a stand alone service or a’ la carte.  Our expert Installation Services are offered in conjunction with a Machine Safeguarding Assessment only.

Expert Installation Services Process

  1. Once an installation PO is received, then an internal kick-off meeting is scheduled for the Rockford Systems team
  2. During this meeting the equipment ship dates and the installation start dates are determined
  3. Then the Rockford Systems Installation Manager will contact the customer to verify the installation dates
  4. All needed machine safeguarding equipment will be produced and shipped to the customer
  5. The Installation Manager and Lead Installer will then have a pre-installation meeting to review the installation process and custom solution and install plan
  6. The Lead Installer contacts the customer to discuss arrival time, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and any other information needed for the Install Team to enter the facility
  7. The Install Team arrives at the facility and gets to work installing the safeguarding equipment according to the pre-determined plan on designated machines
  8. Next the machine operator(s) that work for the facility provide custom training about the new safeguarding equipment
  9. Last, the Install Team will request a sign off for each safeguarded machine from the designated facility contact and return the equipment to service