Protector Series Shields (RSS)

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All Interlocked PROTECTOR Series Shields must be integrated into a proper motor starter that operates with a 120V coil, and requires actuation of the motor start pushbutton in order to re-start the machine after actuation of the interlock switch, or in the event of a power source failure.


Product Description

PROTECTOR Series Shields are constructed of 14-gauge powder-coated steel and 3/16” shock-proof and oil-resistant polycarbonate, creating an extremely tough, rigid and durable safety shield to protect operators from flying debris, lubricants, coolants and swarf. All components carry a CE, UL and CSA certification and shields feature a limited one-year warranty. A full line of replacement polycarbonate shields is available to keep shields operating at peak efficiency.

PROTECTOR Series Shields are modular in design so that shield shape, size, mount, arm, offset, lighting, interlocking and safety monitoring can be configured to provide the best solution for even the toughest machine guarding challenge. Available with various mounting options, these high-quality shields allow for reversal to address opposite-hand mounting scenarios when necessary. All shields are vertically and horizontally adjustable to clear varying work setups and table heights.

Rockford Systems configured the most popular shields for milling and drilling machines, lathes and grinders, which represent over 95 percent of all safeguarding applications. However, for those unusual applications or hard-to-guard machines, PROTECTOR Series Shields can be configured into over 60,000 modular combinations to ensure a precise, customized fit to improve worker safety.