Control Bars (MCB)

Product Description

Control bars of various configurations can be provided to mount either to the machine or on a pedestal-type floor stand. The standard control bars can have various guarded run/inch palm buttons, emergency-stop and top-stop palm buttons, a multiple operator supervisory station selector switch with indicator light, and either of two types of prior-action push buttons.

Please refer to the CONTROL BAR PART NUMBERING SYSTEM CHART below to obtain the part number of the standard control bar required.

Special control bars can be provided with other required selector switches and indicator lights, depending on the individual requirements. Consult the factory for pricing and delivery when a special control bar is required.

Rockford Combustion Solutions provides fuel-train management and combustion-safety solutions for safety-conscious organizations that work with fuel-fired equipment in thermal processes.

Combustion Solutions Include:
• Consultative inspections and Assessments
• Complex Engineering Services
• Technical safety training
• High-quality Burners
• Standard and Engineered-to-Order (ETO) Valve Trains
• Controls and Components

We Enable Organizations to Improve:
• NFPA compliance
• Worker Safety
• Efficiency and Air Quality
• Reduce the risk of fires and explosions.

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