Product Description

This solid-state control system is designed for use on hydraulic power presses. It is designed and built to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.212 and ANSI B11.2 and B11.19. This control can update or replace existing control systems on hydraulic power presses found in users’ plants or can be furnished for new or rebuilt hydraulic power presses.

This control includes control reliability, two-hand control, light curtain interface, and diagnostics (one user-programmable input). It also includes batch and stroke counters with presets, and a hard-wired emergency-stop master control relay.

This is an economic, full-featured dual micro-processor-based control system. The system uses redundant inputs from devices such as palm buttons, foot switches, and light curtain(s). The system output to the solenoid valves is provided by two force guided relays. These output relays are independently controlled and cross-checked by the microprocessors. This allows control-reliable operation of the outputs in the event of a single control component failure in the control. The standard hydraulic power press control has minimum requirements for the press it is to control. These minimum requirements include a directional or one up and one down solenoid valve(s) for the ram, a TOS (top-of-stroke) limit switch, and a BOS (bottom-of-stroke) limit or pressure switch. In most cases, if these already exist, they can be reused. Speed-change valves
and limit switches can also be supported with the standard hydraulic control. If other valves exist (additional speed change valves, prefill, regeneration, level, bypass, etc.), please consult the factory for a quote on a special-designed control.

The standard control box is a 20” x 20” x 8” NEMA 12 enclosure with the operator controls and keypad/display mounted in the door, as illustrated above.

A starter or disconnect can be included in a larger enclosure, or a combination starter disconnect can be furnished separately.