Control Hazardous Energy With Lockout Tagout Software

Built for speed, convenience, and compliance. Operating an OSHA 1910.147 compliant lockout tagout program has never been easier. Traditional methods of creating lockout tagout procedures can take hours of back-and-forth, highly inefficient work on multiple devices.

RS LOTO Software takes the hassle out of building LOTO procedures with a powerful, intuitive mobile app. Simply snap a picture of each energy source, annotate, then add lockout, verification, and return to service steps. Digitally audit the procedure, print, and done!

Each lockout tagout procedure report includes a QR code that can be scanned on-demand when equipment needs to be locked out. Isolation instructions,verification steps, and images are displayed step-by-step, and the technician verifies that each step is completed.


Build a Lockout Tagout Procedure 90% Faster

Rockford Systems, LLC is your trusted partner offering comprehensive lockout/tagout solutions. Our vast expertise, extensive range of services, and unwavering commitment to safety establish us as an invaluable resource for companies aspiring to create safer, more compliant work environments, all while reducing risk.

Our easy to follow Lockout/Tagout software easily manages equipment and procedures to keep your workplace safe.

Procedure Builder

Build procedures in minutes with our 100% mobile LOTO procedure builder. Add energy sources, take and annotate images, and add verification and return to service steps.

Lockout Execution

No need to read a paper procedure to lockout a machine. Simply scan the LOTO procedure QR code to launch the digital procedure or return to service.

WIFI Not Required

The RS LOTO app works without WiFi. LOTO procedures, LOTO audits, and procedure execution can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Audit Management

Procedure audits and authorized employee training are performed on a mobile device. Auditors can edit and re-approve procedures as needed.

Training Management

Document authorized employee training and audits to recognize hazardous energy sources and competently complete lockout tagout procedures.

Audit Trail

The lockout tagout software portal offers tracking of procedure revisions and audit history. History of lockouts and downtime is also reportable.

Report Formatting

Once submitted and approved, the procedure is instantly auto-formatted into a beautiful report with a QR code that can be printed and attached to the machine. The QR code offers a shortcut to launch the digital procedure at any time.

Lockout/Tagout Validation

The procedure is displayed in the app step-by-step, and the employee verifies that each step is complete. If a step cannot be completed an issue is created and notifications are sent out..

Disconnected App

A built-in synchronization process seamlessly transfers data back and forth between the mobile app and the web portal for disconnected usage.

Automatic Scheduling

RS LOTO software tracks when audits and employee training are done, and automatically triggers new audits each year. No need for challenging manual date tracking!

Training Permissions

Using the lockout tagout software to perform a digital lockout is limited to authorized employees who have been trained on the procedure.

Digital Lockout Verification

Every action in the LOTO app is logged with user, date and time. Compliance reports are a button click away, and can be run on demand for any time period.


Trusted Technology in the Palm of Your Hands

On Demand Mobile Lockout Tagout

The lockout tagout software mobile app has an express access workflow for employees who only need to perform equipment lockout or return to service functions. A simple scan screen directs the employee to scan the QR code on the procedure. This scan auto-launches the digital procedure and walks the employee through each lockout and verification step. The employee verifies that each step was completed before moving on to the next one. In the instance that the employee cannot scan the equipment or procedure QR code, the employee can browse the equipment list and search for the equipment. The site map can also be launched to navigate through the facility setup into a particular building, floor, and zone for a view of equipment in that area.

Equipment Insights

When employees need to do more than an on-demand equipment lockout or return to service, the equipment status screen offers full visibility into the equipment and access to a multitude of task options.

Things that can be done from this screen include:

> View equipment operation status and most recent lockout event
> View procedure status and next audit due date
> View open issues and/or create a new issue
> View and complete issue corrective actions
> Launch and complete equipment lockout
> Launch and complete equipment minor servicing
> Launch and complete procedure audit
> Launch and document employee training audit
> View equipment details including serial, manufacturer, model, and energy sources

Mobile LOTO Procedure Builder

Equipment Fielding
Start by uploading the facility’s equipment list into the lockout tagout software, or use our handy field setup module to scan equipment into the system.

Procedure Creation
The lockout tagout software begins with a photo of an energy source. Add tags and arrows right from the photo screen. Quickly select a predefined energy type, feed, magnitude, location, isolation, devices, and verify method. Repeat for each energy source until the procedure is complete.

Procedure Approval
After LOTO procedure is finished and submitted it is ready for approval. The Authorized User can review the procedure in the mobile app, make any necessary changes, then digitally approve it. This activates the procedure QR code so that it can be scanned to auto-launch the mobile procedure execution anytime lockout tagout is required.


Need Help Getting Started?

Although RS LOTO Software is very simple to use, many organizations need help getting started or identifying gaps in their current safety system, addressing them, and implementing a compliant lockout tagout system. Smart Safety Pro has partnered with industry leading consultants at Rockford Systems to offer varying levels of implementation, depending on the needs of the company. Service offerings include program gap analysis, machine specific procedure creation, program development, train-the-trainer, and OSHA 1910.147 compliant authorized training. Rockford Systems consultants are RS LOTO Software experts, and offer their services simultaneously along with lockout tagout software implementation and training.

Service Offerings

Our approach goes beyond surface-level evaluations, delving deep into your company policies, program elements, and workforce knowledge of the LOTO program.

Using our proprietary RSLOTO Software, we conduct thorough assessments of each machine, identifying energy sources, potential hazards, and isolation points.

Our specialized team is dedicated to crafting tailored LOTO programs designed to meet your specific needs while ensuring compliance with OSHA 1910.147.

Our concise and comprehensive training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to safely implement LOTO procedures, minimizing workplace hazards.

Our expert instruction covers standards, regulations, and best practices in workplace safety. Through engaging activities, participants develop the skills to implement LOTO protocols effectively.

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