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  • DIN-Rail Control Module (RFT139)


    DIN-Rail Mounted Control Multi-Mode Module (RFT139) If the safety mat control box (Part No. RKR-162) is not required, a DIN-rail mounted control module is available. Each control module has 4 NO safety contacts and 1 NC auxiliary contact. The control module allows operation in either automatic or manual reset modes.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats

    Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mats


    Safety mats are available in numerous sizes, and are available with or without edging. This is a non-stock item and may incur an extended delivery time. Pressure-sensitive safety mats are intended to be used as auxiliary or additional safeguarding equipment to protect operators and other employees in the machine area. They must not be used…

  • Safety Mat Control Box Options

  • Mat Junction Boxes

    Safety Mat Junction Boxes


    Safety Mat Junction Boxes with Easy Tie-In for Grouping up to 10 safety mats. Part No. RKR-021 Mat junction box can provide wiring for up to 10 mats for easy tie-in to the mat control. (Cover has been removed for photo.) If multiple mats are grouped together to provide auxiliary or perimeter (work-envelope) safeguarding, junction…

  • Zone Monitor

    Zone Monitor for Safety Mats


    For applications where multiple safety mats are needed, a zone monitor can be used. It acts as a control box, while eliminating the need for a junction box for multiple safety mat installations. Additionally, it has a diagnostic feature to determine which mat or mats have been tripped. The zone monitor is available in two…