Dual-Solenoid Air Valves for Full-Revolution Presses (RCD140)


Product Description

This 1/4″ monitored dual-solenoid air valve is ideal for operating air cylinders on full-revolution presses. It is equipped with a pressure switch with both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts to provide feedback to the control system indicating whether the valve is in the ready-to-run condition or has experienced an abnormal function. This indicator only reports the status and is not part of a lockout function.

Inlet and outlet ports on both sides provide for flexible piping, and two plugs (3-pin female) are furnished for electrical connection. The Cv (flow rate) is 1.34 for the inlet port to the outlet port and 2.43 for the outlet port to the exhaust port. Each valve includes a high flow, clog-resistant muffler.