Ejection Curtain Guarding Kits for Presses


Product Description

Ejection Curtain Guarding Kits for Presses are designed for organizations that require a superior hydraulic press safety solution to help protect their employees and prevent injuries caused by flying, rolling or sliding debris. Most commonly used on H-presses or compacting presses that are hydraulic powered, the ejection curtains are coiled-wire fabric machine guards, widely used in the manufacturing and fabrication industries to guard operators from ejected parts and debris during machine use. This product meets ANSI B11.2 ref 8.2.1. “flying objects” clause, pending results of the risk assessment to determine the likelihood and force potential for throwing objects (note, a “shield” does not need to be a hard guard).

Features & Benefits:
• Guards can easily be opened to load and inspect a part then closed and secured during press operation
• 1/4″ weave 19-gauge steel coiled-wire fabric allows visibility of the machine process without sacrificing the operator’s safety
• Available in 4 standard sizes (see below), the kits fit most hydraulic presses ranging from 10 ton to 200 ton models
Available in custom sizes for special applications – Call 1-800-922-7533 For Quote
• Fireproof and virtually maintenance free
• Corrosion resistant

The Ejection Curtain Guarding Kits include:
• Adjustable Steel Pipe Frame Assembly Kit
• Steel Coil Curtain with Safety Black Finish
• Industrial Safety Hooks
• Vertical Mounting Brackets
• Note: 3/8” diameter mounting hardware not included
Note: Each Press Guard Kit only protects (1) side of the press

Kit Specs:
• 76″ Tall Press – Small 40.5″ Width Kit: A dimension 16.25” Depth, B dimension 40.5” Width, C dimension 76” Height (weight 48.5 lb) – 20 & 30 ton models
• 76″ Tall Press – Medium 42.5” Width Kit: A dimension 16.25” Depth, B dimension 42.5” Width, C dimension 76” Height (weight 51.0 lb) – 50 ton models
• 76″ Tall Press – Large 51.0” Width Kit: A dimension 16.25” Depth, B dimension 51.0” Width, C dimension 76” Height (weight 53.5 lb) – 100 ton models
• 90″ Tall Press – Std 62.0″ Width Kit: A dimension 16.25” Depth, B dimension 62.0” Width, C dimension 90” Height (weight ) – 150 & 200 ton models

If you are interested in purchasing a custom size, please have the following information available when contacting us:
1. What is the width of the press frame? (A)
2. What is the height of the press frame? (B)
3. Pictures of the press from all 4 sides, please email to

Contact us at 1-800-922-7533 for a quote today!

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