Handled Vacuum Cup Lifters


Product Description

These lifters can be used to place and remove material in and from the machine. These tools are not to be used as a point-of-operation safeguard, but can be used to help keep the operator’s hands out of the point of operation when loading parts.

These lifters have strengthened steel rods and oil-resistant flexible vacuum cups. They are ideal for handling plastic, metal, glass, and any other material that has a smooth, non-porous surface. There are three types of lifters to choose from. The single-cup lifter is available in three cup sizes. The double-cup lifter is available in one cup size. The straight-handle lifter has a handle attached to the top of the vacuum cup and provides the user with extra reach. All three lifters incorporate an instant release button. The 2 1/8″ cup lifts about 3 pounds, the 3 1/4″ cup lifts about 5 pounds, and the 4″ cup lifts about 6 pounds. The double-cup lifters lift about 6 pounds.