Light Curtain Mirrors For Light Curtains


Product Description

Light curtain mirrors can be used with the light curtain to protect more than one side of the point of operation or work envelope. The mirrors for light curtains can help protect two, three, and even four sides of the point of operation or perimeter area. They are usually mounted on a 45-degree angle at each corner of the area to be safeguarded. Mounting hardware is provided which can be used with the floor stand. Shock and vibration isolation mounting fasteners are also provided with each mirror.

The mirror frame is constructed of 1 1/2-inch square aluminum extrusion with a rubber gasket. This gasket protects the mirror from machine vibration and shock load.

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Combustion Solutions Include:
• Consultative inspections and Assessments
• Complex Engineering Services
• Technical safety training
• High-quality Burners
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We Enable Organizations to Improve:
• NFPA compliance
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• Efficiency and Air Quality
• Reduce the risk of fires and explosions.

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