Tower Light Assembly (TLA/TLZ)

Product Description

This is a non-stock item and may incur an extended delivery time.

A tower light assembly is designed to be exceptionally bright with a long, visible indication range. This provides highly visible operator and supervisor information as to equipment status. These assemblies are extremely rugged and are built to be used in the toughest industrial environments and are available in both 24V DC and 120V AC. Each tower light is pre-assembled; there are no field serviceable parts.

Tower lights can be configured for up to five (5) LED colors, or for up to four (4) LED colors with an audible alarm. Each light assembly has a black ABS housing with polycarbonate LEDs. A standoff pipe (choose between 6-inch [152 mm] or 12-inch [304 mm]) houses a 78-inch (2-meter) connection cable that is supplied with each assembly. These tower light assemblies are completely self-contained, or can be used in conjunction with a control box.


  • Choose up to five (5) lights without an alarm.
  • Choose up to four (4) lights with an alarm.
  • The alarm will always occupy the top position.