Safety Chip Shields with Direct-Mount Flexible Arm


Product Description

The shield can be used on lathes, drill presses, milling machines, grinders, band saws, woodworking machines, and similar equipment. It places a barrier between an operator and flying chips (swarf), sparks, and splashing coolant generated at the point of operation.

The transparent portion of these flexible-arm shields is constructed of high-impact-resistant, 3/16″-thick polycarbonate. Special shield sizes are available up to 12-inch x 12-inch; please call our sales department at 1-800-922-7533 for more information.

These flexible arms are made of high-quality, heavy-duty 3/4-inch-diameter spring steel covered with vinyl to protect from grease, oil, and contaminants that could weaken their holding power. They offer virtually unlimited adjustment possibilities and long-term holding power.

The direct-mount base can be fastened directly to a machine with two 1/4-inch fasteners (included).

OSHA 1910.212 – General Safety Requirements / ANSI B11.8 – Manual Drilling Machines / ANSI B11.23 – CNC Drilling Machines.