Universal Ball-and-Socket Chip Shields


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Product Description

Versatile, Various Sizes, Universal Ball-and-Socket Chip Shields

A variety of these quality-constructed, universal ball-and-socket chip shields are available. These versatile shields are ideal for mills, drills, grinders, band saws, or similar equipment including woodworking machines. The shield places a barrier between operators or other employees in the area and the flying chips (swarf), sparks, and coolant generated from the tool.

The shields are furnished with heavy universal ball and socket arms to provide simple movement and adjustment. Large polypropylene plastic handles are used for positioning and locking. Arms mount easily to the frame or column of the machine and include standard mounting hardware.

The shields offered are made of high-impact-resistant, 3/16″-thick clear polycarbonate, selected for its toughness under impact to protect the operator. Each shield, except for the flat shield, has a hole in the left and right corners so the arm can be conveniently mounted on either side of the machine. Special size shields are available upon request.

The universal arm can be furnished in the following sizes: 21″, 31″, or 44″.

The universal ball-and-socket chip shields can be furnished with side panels formed at 30°, 90°, or 30° and 90° angles. These shields are also available in a flat or concave shape.

OSHA 1910.212 – General Safety Requirements / ANSI B11.8 – Manual Drilling Machines / ANSI B11.23 – CNC Drilling Machines