Product Description

The Modular Emergency Stop Safety Control Systems are complete wiring solutions dedicated to machine safety emergency stops. These quick disconnect-based systems consist of safety wired ports and distribution boxes as well as patch cords. Specifically intended for use with dry-contact safety switches, Modular E-Stop Safety Control Systems provide flexible and reliable connections between safety E-stops and safety relays. And while this system is ideal for use with these components, it is not suitable for use with light curtains, safety mats or pressure sensitive safety edges.

Our Modular E-Stop Control Systems are designed to:
• Reduce installation cost
• Ease system expansion
• Simplify troubleshooting
• Promote system modularity
• Provide for Safety PLC input expansion
• Support systems up to Category 3 (per EN954-1)
• IP69K solution, ideal for high pressure, wash down applications

Each system is application specific, but the following guidelines should be considered:
– All systems will require at least one CTC775 (the last e-stop in the chain) and one FDK316 single-ended cable (the first cable in the chain wired in to the panel).
– A system with quantity one e-stop would consist of a CTC775 (end device) and an FDK316 single-ended cable for the machine-mounted devices.
– A safety relay (RFT147 for example) and force guided relays (application specific) would most likely be required.
– Up to three additional CTC776 thru devices may be added to create a series.
– Cables between the thru boxes come in lengths of: 2 meter (FDK317), 5 meter (FDK318) and 10 meter (FDK319).

For best results, please contact 1-800-922-7533 for technical assistance to engineer a customized, designed solution as safety relay and force guided relay integration are application specific.

Installation Considerations
Some important notes regarding Safety Connection Systems
• To help ensure that only authorized personnel can access the connections, safety distribution boxes should be mounted in the ‘guarded’ area as defined in the risk assessment for the application.
• The safety connection system is designed to simplify the installation of safety devices—it does not control the safety circuit. Since the safety circuits are wired in series, shorting plugs must be installed in all unused distribution box ports in order for the system to operate. We selected cables such that we do not use shorting plugs.

Cordsets provide secure connection for proximity sensors, limit switches, photoelectric sensors, and other field devices.

Patchcords: DC Micro (M12), Female, Straight, 5-Pin, PVC Cable Yellow, Unshielded, IEC Color Coded, DC Mic, Male, Straight

CSA Certified
UL Recognized
UL 2238 Compliant