Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drill Press Shields


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Product Description

These cast-aluminum drill press shields are furnished with a standard 1 3/4-inch bore. The user can bore this shield to a size of up to 3 1/2-inches for attaching to the quill of a drilling machine.

This drill press shield is available in 2-tier or 3-tier models which provides 3- to 6-inches travel of the drill press.

The top holder attaches to the quill of the drill. The drill press shields are open in the back and the bottom section has a clear panel for visibility.

For changing chucks or drill bits, the 2- or 3-tier section can be swung forward and upward out of the way. Also available are drill press shields with a side hinge that swing to the left side.

Other Drill Press Shields Available

For best safety practices, electrically-interlocked drill press shields are also available.

Self-Ejecting Drill Press Chuck Keys

Several sizes of drill chuck keys are available.

Please refer to ANSI B11.8-2001 (R2012) for specific safety requirements for drill presses.

DXS Series Shields No Longer Available

These part numbers are no longer available. Please refer to products above for your drill press shield needs.

DXS500 – Telescoping 2-Tier w/ 2-3⁄4-inch Bore; 3-inch Stroke
DXS600 – Telescoping 2-Tier, 3-Lug, 3-inch Stroke
DXS700 – Telescoping 3-Tier w/ 2-3⁄4-inch Bore; 6-inch Stroke
DXS800 – Telescoping 3-Tier, 3-Lug, 6-inch Stroke

OSHA 1910.212 – General Safety Requirements / ANSI B11.8 – Manual Drilling Machines / ANSI B11.23 – CNC Drilling Machines.