A fully customized lockout/tagout train-the-trainer course is developed based on the OSHA 1910.147 regulation, company policies/procedures, and industry best practices. Instruction includes a full review of regulatory requirements, including standard interpretations and some aspects of the ANSI z244.1 standard, to give the students a deep understanding of lockout/tagout. Effective training techniques and teach-backs are included that enable students to deliver authorized training with confidence effectively.

Service Includes the following elements.

  • Onsite training consists of a four-hour train-the-trainer course for students. The course covers all material to enable students to deliver lockout/tagout training to the authorized workforce competently.
  • Service includes one day onsite to fully understand the lockout/tagout processes and procedures to effectively build the customized training program.
  • Course size is limited to up to 15 attendees per session.
  • Student Certificate of Training
  • The training package includes a Customized Authorized Training course with speaker notes, Student Quiz, Student Exercises, Hands-on Evaluation, Reference Material, and an Instructor’s Guide for delivering the training.

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