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  • EX-AL™ Door Handle (TXS101)


    Plastic, Direct T-Slot Frame, Door Handle (TXS101) – The plastic door handle is ideal for T-slot frame doors on guards or shields. Handles bolt directly to doors and panels using two 1/4-20 screws and two T-nuts (sold separately). The handle is made of high-strength black polycarbonate and is corrosion-resistant. When ordering a plastic door handle,…

  • EX-AL™ Door Stop (FKT595)


    Aluminum, Direct Two-Bolt, Door Stopper (FKT595) – The door stop is made of aluminum and bolts directly to doors using two 1/4-20 screws and two T-nuts (sold separately). BHCS14C.5FCSB8 – 1/4-20 screw FSY028 – t-nut

  • Joining-and-Locking-Plates

    EX-AL™ Joining-and-Locking-Plates


    A variety of brackets, plates, clamps, bolts, bearings, rollers, etc., are available for attaching guards to machines and for guard assemblies. Joining plates are used to connect extruded panels without additional machining. Joining strips and plates are used to connect extrusions to one another or to machines. The standard sizes of most of these mounting…

  • Linear Bearings and Channel Guide

    EX-AL™ Linear Bearings and Channel Guide


    Linear bearings and channel guides are used in applications such as sliding panels or gates. These cost-effective alternatives to traditional bearings can be used in both low and high acceleration/deceleration applications. Linear bearings mate and glide on T-Slot aluminum extrusion profiles and the bearing pads are self-lubricating for smooth linear motion.

  • EX-AL™ Panel Retainer (FKT560)


    The panel retainer holds mesh in the extruded-aluminum framework of the guard. This retainer prevents panel push out and is the strongest way to hold panels in place.

  • EX-AL™ Hairpin Clip Assembly for Perimeter Guarding (FKT753)


    The Hairpin Clip Assembly for Perimeter Guarding (FKT753) is designed for holding the hairpin ends and are essential in appropriate hairpin assembly.

  • Rubber Panel Gasket 10SERIES (GSKT10)


    The rubber gasket tightly holds the poly-carbonate panels in the T-slot of the extruded aluminum. This gasket is made of high-grip rubber and is easily inserted into the T-slot after the panel is assembled in the frame. Poly-carbonate panels (3/16″-thick) are secured with the gasket on one side of the panel. The gasket material is…