Single Beam System

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  • Meets industry OSHA, ANSI, UL, IEC, and EN safety standards
  • Operating ranges: Short—2.6′ to 65′ (.8 to 20 m) Long—49′ to 230′ (15 to 70 m)
  • Number of beams—1
  • Strobe-light and weld-flash immunity
  • 24 ms response time
  • Diagnostics with 7-segment display
  • Optional external device monitoring (EDM)

The single-beam system is designed specifically for perimeter or auxiliary safeguarding. It can be used for safeguarding hazardous areas around machines and processes such as press feeding equipment, robotic work cells, automatic machinery work envelopes, assembly lines, conveyors, palletizers, stackers, and plastic-injection molding machines.

The single beam system consists of a transmitter and a receiver, each with strong, durable aluminum housing. When aligned and mounted at the proper safety distance, these sensors transmit an invisible beam of light across the entryway to the hazardous area. Interruption of this light beam sends a stop signal to the machine’s control. This signal is designed to stop hazardous machine motion or prevent the initiation of machine motion. The single beam system can be used in conjunction with mirrors to increase the coverage of the safeguarded area.