Dual-Solenoid Air Valves for Mechanical Power Presses and Press Brakes


Product Description

These monitored dual solenoid air valves are ideal to use on mechanical power presses and other potentially hazardous machinery that utilize a pneumatically controlled clutch and brake mechanism. Each valve has two valve elements independently controlled by two solenoid pilots. The two valve elements share common inlet, outlet, and exhaust ports. When the pilot valves are simultaneously energized, the valve elements operate so that the valve functions as a 3/2 normally closed valve. If the valve elements fail to move simultaneously, the dynamic monitoring of the valve detects this failure and thereby exhausts downstream air, locks out the valve, and prohibits further operation.

When a valve lockout occurs, the valve will retain the fault information regardless of air or electrical changes. The system can only be reset by a defined operation/procedure, and will not self reset (turn off and on), or reset when inlet air supply is removed and reapplied.

These dual solenoid air valves are available in five sizes that provide a broad range of flow capabilities. Each valve includes a high flow, clog-resistant muffler and is supplied with at least two plugs (3-pin female) for electrical connection. Valves are base mounted that have NPT pipe threads. Inlet and outlet ports on both sides provide for flexible piping.

Valves are offered with a manual or remote (air or electric) reset in 110V AC and 24V DC. Status indicators and/or reset pushbuttons can be purchased with the valves.

NOTE: If the clutch and brake are split, two valves may be required to provide good stopping times.