Slide and Swing-Aside Shields


Product Description

Slide and swing-aside shields protect operators when machining either small workpieces or large castings that sometimes overhang the milling machine table. At the same time, they can provide immediate and complete access to the workpiece or casting being machined by sliding or swinging aside the door(s), as illustrated.


The transparent portion of the slide and swing-aside shields are constructed of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The frame of the shield is made of 1″ x 2″ extruded aluminum. The shield has front sliding panel(s) and two side fixed panels. The side panels are attached at both ends of the table.

These assemblies can be mounted or removed in a matter of minutes by using two locking T bolts with nuts.

Each of the front panels can slide to the right or left and swing aside on their own axis out of the way.

The advantage of the slide and swing-aside movement is that you can obtain immediate access to the whole length of the table for loading and unloading large workpieces. Although the panels slide aside, they will not take up any more room than the actual length of the table itself, because the sliding and swing-aside action takes place in one movement by simply lifting a latch.


The parallel sliding bars enable the shield to be adjusted to the distance required from the front of the table to the shield. The adjustment on these bars caters to castings or large components which overhang the table. This adjustment is achieved by loosening the two socket cap screws at either end of the table. This permits the shield assembly to be moved backward or forward to the position required. Where the two front panels or the front and side panels come together, a safety latch is provided which holds the panels in place. Prior to opening the panels, the latch has to be released manually. There are three sizes of shields available that cover table sizes up to a maximum length of 76″. On bed-type milling machines, where the table length is well in excess of 76″, it is still possible to use the SSA-300 shield. In many instances, only part of the maximum length of the table is used. If this is the case, the SSA-300 shield would be suitable as long as the longitudinal traverse used does not exceed the maximum length of the shield. For a table length of less than 36″, the SSA-000 shield may be used.

These slide and swing-aside shields have been generously designed to give protection to the operator; this will be noted in dimension H, which gives the height of the shields. Special height panels are available upon request.

The standard shield does not provide protection on the back of the table. The rear shields are used to minimize coolant splash and flying chips that may fly out of the back of the machine.

Complies with OSHA 1910.212 – General Safety Requirements / ANSI B11.8 – Manual Drilling Machines / ANSI B11.23 – CNC Drilling Machines.